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Why should I have a running coach

If you are new to running, your goals will differ compared to a veteran to the sport. A coach can help prioritize and manager your training. Coaches help beginners and experienced runners avoid common training errors, duration of your runs, pre-hab, recovery, pacing in a race, and reminding them when to change shoes. They will teach you when to run at an easy pace, when to should schedule a long run or if you need to adjust your form or technique. You’ll learn how to “maximize the volume and intensity that your schedule, personal goals, and determination allow.

As both a runner and a running coach, it is easy for me to understand the important of utilizing a running coach to help you train for an important race or to help you begin your running journey. Luckily my husband is also a running coach whom I can use as a sounding board with my training throughout the year; however, I don’t always recommend being coached by your spouse! That is why I used his coach for many of my running years. Whether you are an elite runner, an advanced runner, or a beginner, it is nice to have someone tell you what to do. To wake up, read your daily workout and do it. It take a lot of the guess work out of the equation and gives you more time to focus on the goals ahead.

Reasons for a Coach

1. Help choose your goals

Often runners aren’t sure what their next step should be. As a beginner, deciding to run a race for the first time, or a more experienced runner wanting to run a longer distance or set a personal record; a coach can take an objective look at your ability, fitness, and goals, and help you take that step.

2. Inspiration and Motivation

Along with providing motivation, a coach can remind you of your goals and what steps you need to take to achieve them. Long training cycles can cause fatigue and lack of confidence. Your coach will help you get focused again.

3. Accountability

Thinking about skipping that speed workout on your schedule? Are you sure you want to report that to your coach?

4. Individualized Plans

True, you can use something off of the internet. But will it recognize your individualized needs, schedule, or your tendency to get a plantar fasciitis? Your coach will create a plan that will fit with your schedule, your goals, and your body.

5. Support

Sometimes things don’t go as planned. Your coach knows what you are capable of and will provide support to help you feel better about what you are accomplishing.

6. Train smart

Many runners who train on their own don’t realize that rest and recovery are as important as training.

7. Kick in the pants when you need it

Your coach knows you, which means they know what you need in order to stick with your training.

A coach will help you plan, train for, and achieve your running goals no matter what they are. Your coach can help you run faster, longer, or just simply, run.

Via emails, texts, and occasional phone calls, you can train harder and smarter than you would alone; while receiving encouragement, safety, quality workouts, and a feeling of confidence.

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