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Jared Burdick

Co-Owner, USATF Level 1 Coach

The single most driving factor behind my running is teamwork. I have been very fortunate in my whole career from high school, to college, and beyond to have a great teammates and coaches who have given me meaning and direction in my running. While having this support I have been able to grow into my own as a runner. I hope pass on what I have learned (and also learn new things on the way) in order to help others find their running passion. 


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Lauren Burdick

Co-Owner, Certified Running Coach and Sports Nutritionist


Lauren has been running for over 11 years and has accomplishments from the 10k distance through 50k distance.  Lauren is co-owner of Miles & Macros, LLC .

I run to push myself beyond what I think my limits are.  Running helps me feel connected to nature, myself, and an inspiring community.  Running provides me self-esteem, mental health, and clarity.

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Patrick Hallahan

In 2017 I started going to the Adirondacks and climbing the high peaks. I started running to get them done faster and that’s when my love for trail running became evident. Through hard physical efforts I found I was able to apply those techniques into my everyday life and it has been amazing. In 2019 I ran my first 50 mile and literally thought I’d never run again. Boy was I wrong! Running/racing has taken over my life and it is something I am dedicating myself to 100% to see where I can take this. 

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Bethany Titus

Simply put, this sport continues to help keep me in a positive mental state of mind. It has been a part of my entire adult life and all aspects of it are incorporated into my daily routine. It’s been with me through all my seasons of life. It’s taught me to accept my failures, insecurities and fears. It’s taught me how to forgive, to adapt, and to grow as a person. It’s allowed me to challenge myself and has been a constant reminder that life is not linear.


Trail running, ultra distances, and climbing mountains are my jam! I absolutely love big days on my feet and seeing what I am capable of. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

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Brianna Sprole

Running clears her head, centers and grounds her, sweetens her mood, empowers her, lets her work out problems, and connects her not just to the earth that she runs on, but also with the people around her. Brianna runs mostly solo, but when she runs with a team or at a race, she feels so supported and welcomed by an amazing running community. Running has given her a new life. A perspective she'd never expected to have, and it's made her who she is.

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Bob Galinski

 Bob is the owner of Garage Gym Oneida. He is a body builder turned adventurer who has completed the ADK 46. 

He runs to cover more ground in the mountains faster and see how far the body can go. 

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Kaleigh Ligoci

Kaleigh has been an avid runner for over 16 years.  She prefers to run 10ks and half marathons but has raced distances up to 50k.  Kaleigh is a pastry chef and owner of Sugar Blossom Cake Shop.

Kaleigh has been an avid runner for over 16 years she prefers to run 10ks and half marathons but has raced distances up to 50k. she is a pastry chef and owner of sugar blossom cake shop in the village of Liverpool. She met her husband Paul Snell while running cross country at Alfred state college. When not whipping up cakes at her bakery she loves to be outdoors or cuddled up with her two Pomeranian pups with a cup of coffee. 
Kaleigh runs to relax and find peace of mind. She loves being competitive and running with others and She enjoys being part of an amazing and supportive running community. 

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Paul Snell

Paul is a trail runner and road runner.  He favorite distance is the half marathon.

More to come....

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Elene Nemergut

Elene inspires others the way her sister, Diana, inspired her.  You can find her at any 5k through half marathon all over CNY!

More to come....

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Colleen Clancy

Colleen grew up in Syracuse and began running in 2011.  Colleen has run over 5 marathons, a 50k, plus numerous half marathons and relay races.  One of Colleen's proudest moments was placing 2nd in her age group at the 1812 Challenge in 2015.

Colleen runs because it maker her feel empowered and resilient!  She loves to feel the breath going in and our of her lungs and her heart beating in her chest. Running is her therapy.​

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Kristina Turtura

Kristina runs because, why not? Kristina does it for her mental and physical health.   Running allows Kristina to take the day's frustrations out on the pavement. Running has taught her that she is capable of so much more than she thought, even when it's hard.  Kristina runs to inspire and motivate others to keep going and to not give up when the going gets tough. Quitting gets doesn't get you anywhere. While her running journey hasn't been easy, it's always been worth it and some day Kristina hopes to coach others who have struggled like herself.

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Brian Russell

Brian Russell is an Executive Leader of an engineering company serving the power and electric utility industry, living in Camillus, NY. He graduated from the State University of New York Polytechnic Institute with a B.S. in Civil Engineering and Minor in Mathematics, where he also played baseball and was the captain of the bowling team. He is passionate about his family, running, and getting better every day.

Why does Brian run?


To lead by example for my family. Getting better every day. Pushing through pre-conceived limits and existing barriers. Growth. Enlightenment. Struggle. Suffering. Challenge. Self conquest. Mental and physical well-being. Clarity of mind and inspirational thinking. Healthy forward progress. 


Running is the challenge I need to maintain discipline, perspective and focus, in the constant disorder of life.

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Jennifer Toti

Jennifer is known all over CNY, she can be found racing every weekend from a 10k on a Saturday to a 50k on Sunday.  She is an amazingly versatile athlete with a huge smile on her face and welcoming attitude.

More to come


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Emily Zipprich

Cycling Trainer


Emily has been swimming, biking, and running since 2011. Her first half-marathon was the
Skunk Cabbage Classic in 2012. Her first triathlon was the Green Lakes Triathlon in 2012. After
competing in many races during the 2012 season, she knew she was hooked and that her goal
would to be compete in a full-distance (140.6) triathlon.


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Krista Abraham

Krista is an endurance runner and 8 time marathoner (NYC x 6, Berlin, Tokyo) who has set the goal of running all the world marathon majors. Next up is Chicago 2023!


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Kyle Laatsch

Details to come!


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Amanda Mazza

Details to come!

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Attilio Lospinoso

For me, running is more than a hobby. It is a defining personality trait. I love every aspect of it. It is challenging, it is a great healthy habit, and there is a great community that comes from it. It does not matter if it is on the road or trails, you can find me out there with a smile trying to spread some positivity! I look forward to many challenging trails in my future!


(Fyi, Attilio runs for Syracuse Track Club and Miles & Macros, which really shows his passion for being well-rounded in the sport)

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Race Team

Our race team is a multisport team consisting of specialties in road, trail, ultradistance running, and road and mtb cycling.  We are all passionate about our sport and the communities that surround us.  We hope to provide inspiration, support, and fun to everyone we meet.  Follow our teammates along on their journeys to becoming the best they can be!


About our Race Team

Race Team

Any time our athletes go for a run and pick up trash along the way (an ample amount), we will alternate donations of $5 to The Ocean Clean Up and The Clean Air Task Force (or our athletes favorite environmentally friendly fund).


We want to demonstrate support for environmental protection and create awareness for others who are also out using our trails, canal ways, lakes, oceans, mountains, and roadways.


Thank you to our sponsors

The views, information, or opinions expressed by Miles & Macros, LLC and each individual race team athlete are solely those of the individuals involved and do not necessarily represent those of Willow Integrative Health, Syracuse Podiatry, Sugar Blossom Cake Shop and Garage Gym - Oneida, and its employees. And vice-versa.

Miles & Macros, LLC races, coaching, and consulting are legally our own and do not represent our sponsor's views/expert advise/opinions.


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