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Blood Lactate Testing

Optimizes Endurance Training and Conditioning

A runner's blood lactate threshold is the point during exercise when lactate starts to build up in their blood faster than it can be removed. It's a marker for biochemical events like muscle fatigue.  It is the space between low-intensity and high-intensity exercise.


How does the test work?

Our lactate meter very quickly and efficiently measures your blood lactate with just a small drop of blood. Blood lactate is a superior indicator of aerobic conditioning for athletes and coaches. It is a key predictor of performance.

You can get your results in only 13 seconds. This enables athletes to quickly assess performance and for coaches to adjust training strategies.


Why Test?

Your lactate threshold (LT), also known as anaerobic threshold, is a crucial physiological marker that profoundly influences your endurance performance capacity. It represents the point at which your body's production of lactate, a byproduct of anaerobic metabolism, begins to exceed its ability to remove it. As you increase your LT, you effectively enhance your body's tolerance to lactate, allowing you to sustain higher intensities for prolonged periods. This translates into improved endurance performance, as you can cover longer distances at a faster pace while delaying the onset of fatigue.

Knowing your lactate threshold lets you train with more precision. Many coaches prescribe some running at lactate threshold as part of an overall training program. Also, it is a
 main indicator of how well you are training and also how fast you are able to run a marathon or half marathon. 

Conducting the Test

The test will be conducted in the following way:

  1. We will meet you at a mutually convenient track.

  2. Take a baseline blood lactate reading before the athlete does any activity

  3. Warm up at an easy pace for 3 minutes

  4. Take second blood lactate reading

  5. Run at a slightly elevated pace for 3 minutes

  6. Take third blood lactate reading

  7. Run 3 minutes at a pace above that of the previous 3 minutes

  8. Take fourth blood lactate reading

  9. Run final 3 minutes at moderate to hard pace

  10. Take fifth blood lactate reading

  11. Cool down with 5 min easy jog, measure blood lactate every 2-3 minute during and after the cool down until levels are back to the baseline. (Take sixth/seventh blood lactate reading)

The pacing of this test is a crucial factor in determining its success. It is essential to adopt an incremental pacing strategy that allows for a gradual increase in effort.  Using the pace function on your watch may be useful for this testing.

Once you have your results we will need to analyze your data. Our software supplied with the portable blood lactate meter will automatically pull data from our meter and organize your results.

This initial data will show you at what pace your lactate threshold is reached and is likely to be at the second or third increase in pace. This will give you a pace to aim for and exceed in your speed sessions. Carry on with your training plan using the pace data to inform your speed sessions. 

To track your progress, we repeat the test two more times, with the same pacing, 6 weeks apart and compare your results.  The plotted data should show a move of the threshold to the right indicating that you have increased your blood lactate threshold meaning that you can run at higher paces without accumulating lactate.



Testing Only

3 tests spaced 6 weeks apart:  $185

Test includes: Lactate threshold meter, testing strip, testing solution, testing lancets, test report, track meet up with coached workout for the test x 3.

Testing with Customized Coaching

15 weeks of personal coaching with 3 tests spaced 6 weeks apart:  $490 (a value of $560) ($32 a week)

Coaching:  3 months and 3 weeks of customized coaching received through our mobile app. Initial meet up for lactate threshold testing followed by meeting up 2 more times, spaced 6 weeks apart.


Test includes: Lactate threshold meter, testing strip, testing solution, testing lancets, test report, track meet up with coached workout for the test x 3.

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