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Customized Training Plans

$100 / month 

One on one training

For the individual seeking a custom running plan designed specifically for them by your local CNY Running coach(es).

This plan is designed to take the runner and create a custom program for their lifestyle. Whether you are a beginner looking to train for your first 5k, get a PR in a specific distance, trying to qualify for the Boston Marathon, or training for an ultramarathon; the accountability, training, and motivation to complete a workout is made easy through our mobile app.

By signing up for this training you are taking the first step to creating a lifestyle of healthy running!

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​How do you get your workouts and stay accountable?

Our digital technology brings exercise programs, nutrition, habit building, and instant communication with your coach and other athletes all in the palm of your hand.  You will receive a link to download our app upon registration!
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