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I love running and I love reading. In fact, I tend to love doing them both simultaneously. However, I do all of my “reading” by listening to audiobooks. It is possible that reading while you run makes both more rewarding. I listen to my audiobooks if I get trapped on the treadmill, while I cycle on the trainer, while doing house chores, and sometimes while I am working.

My go to podcasts are: TheDaily, CrimeJunkie, and Dateline. I love true crime or a good mystery. It makes the treadmill run in my basement gym a bit tricky, trying not to fall off when a good scare happens, but it makes the time go by faster.

Also, I am completely addicted to my OverDrive App. You just link up to your local library and have thousand of audiobooks and e-books at your fingertips. Recently, I have become a fan of authors, Peter Swanson (Before She Knew Him, Every Vow You Break, The Kind Worth Killing...) and Lane Moriarty (Nine Perfect Stranger, The Husband's Secret...).

Are you a listener? What have you been reading/listening to? Give me some things to listen to!

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