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When I try to think of words to encompass running, the following come to mind: movement, outside, routine, endorphins, happiness, camaraderie, community, drive, endurance, mental health, positivity, appreciation, challenge, grit, and strength.

Start the Morning off Right

I get my main run completed most mornings or with an evening shake out if I can. Running in the morning really does set me my productivity level and brain functionality for the day. Going out before work for a few miles, coming home getting showered, and ready to go to work puts me in a positive mindset to attack the work day. No one has ever said they really regretted going for a run. If anything, most people would tend to agree that missing their run sets their day up incorrectly.


While most people's reasoning for not running, its difficulty, is one of the reasons why I like running. For me, if something is not easy, it isn't worth it. Some days you really don’t want to go out for a run but when I finish we feel like you have accomplished getting closer to your goal (fitness, a particular race, mental clarity, etc.).

Mental Toughness

Running is a form of endurance and is an ongoing battle in your head. It is so easy to give up, but what does that accomplish? Whether it’s to go out and run on your own for a few miles, run your first marathon or complete your first ultra run. The physical element of it all is important; however, how you train yourself mentally is where you need to practice. Breaking your race into smaller, do-able, segments, what are your motivations for the race, trust in your training, and be positive.. Overcoming your mental battles empowers you in other aspects of your life when challenges are thrown at you.

The Key is Consistency

Running most days feels like a routine and delivers some consistency in my life. It is routine, it is just something you do without question or thought.


Since I’ve been running I’m a lot more driven at work. Completing big, challenging races gives you the ability to think that you can achieve a lot more in work and no task seems insurmountable. It definitely gives you a positive mindset and a can do attitude.

Healthy Living

Running has made me fitter, healthier and I think more about my diet. Everyone still loves that after long run pizza; however, running definitely has made me think more about what I am putting in my body and focus on how I can recover fast, fuel correctly, and make better choices.

Running Community

I have made a lot of friends through running through running clubs, races, park runs, events and Strava. The whole running community is so friendly and there is so much camaraderie. Everyone is always lifting each other up.

Get out in Nature

Opt outside! Running has given me the ability to travel the world, enjoy local trails, and heal my connection with nature.

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